Guaranteed payday loans

Taking advantage of last minute holiday offers typically means having the money available right away to secure the deal. This may not be easy if payday is still a couple of weeks away – but guaranteed payday loans may be something that could help.

These days, some people prefer to hang on to take advantage of last minute deals. Typically though, the closer you get to your actual departure date, the less time there may be (if any) between paying the deposit and then finding the final balance.

Even if you’ve been saving up all year, you may find it’s not just last year’s shorts that are just a little bit tighter than you’d like. Your finances could be feeling the strain too.

There is something you may be able to take advantage of, to help get over a short-term cash flow problem like this.

Guaranteed payday loans are a relatively new type of loan. They are advances of smallish amounts of money around $100-1000 (but this will vary among providers), typically for a period of between 2-4 weeks. Generally speaking, you can borrow the money until your next payday or, with some pay day loan companies, the one after that.

What you need for a payday loan

This may be stating the obvious but to get a payday loan typically you’ll need to:

*have a job with relatively fixed paydays
**have a bank account which has a debit card attached. This is to allow the money to be paid to you and to set up an automatic repayment debit on your chosen date
***be over 18 and resident in the USA

Do note that while a quick credit check may be carried out, you may still qualify for a cash advance loan even if you have had credit problems in the past.

What payday loans aren’t

As noted above, payday loans are short-term advances that are repaid in an agreed number of days or weeks. They are not designed to replace more traditional lending that tends to be for larger sums over longer time periods, nor as a tool for debt management purposes.

How much to borrow

Guaranteed payday loans may help you get over a temporary cash shortage whether it is for those last minute holiday deals or something else like an unexpected bill. Within the limits of what’s available, you may be able to borrow what you like as long as you are confident that you can repay it in full on your next payday, together with the interest and any other fees.